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August 23, 2012


LOL! Nice pictures and post...

Thanks, Ricky!

Oh, I wish we had some figs. But, at least I am reminded now to go check the garden for tomatoes!

I made these last night- so good. I love that you can remember foods from long ago too. My darling husband thinks I'm crazy that I can remember the halibut tacos in Seward Alaska or the rasberry creme brulee from a now defunct restaurant in Philly but I can't remember to pick up the dry cleaning.

Also- a fun food to share. I was at My Organic Market in Rockville and couldn't find roquefort so I picked up a blue cheese. Moody Blue to be precise. It's a smoked blue cheese. I could have sworn it had bacon in it- I actually went back to check the label. nope- all milk. I thought it might be a fun thing for a non-bacon eating foodie to try. I'm already picturing it in a pasta....

Ooooh, that sounds excellent! I'm going to have to get me some of that.

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