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May 22, 2012


My dear, reading your saga of this weekend in New York City was a treasure for me too. How delightful that you and your children had such a rich experience at the Museum, one I also visited as a child when I lived just outside of NYC on Long Island.
But to read all you wrote with such heart and love about your aunt and uncle truly was the nugget in this post and I thank you for doing such a thoughtful telling of all those times that meant so much to your young life. Bodies don't last, but beings do and I feel certain that your aunt knows what she meant to you and you to her.
Thinking of you, a grown-up now too who once was a child that loved what New York had to offer because of the people who lived there.

Thank you, Lynne. Writing this post was cathartic for me, and I appreciate your kind words.

Beautiful post expressing emotions about your aunt that sometimes we all bury because it’s too painful to go there. Thank you for sharing, it made me remember my dad and grandfather.

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