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April 03, 2012


We eat these alot too, although I have a harder time convincing the kids to try them, even with the cute cups and little spoons (those always got me as a kid!) I'll have to give this method a try. I've always just dropped them in boiling water (from room temp) for 4 minutes. And yes, there is the occasional seepage. You now have me curious how QP makes them consistent. Even with my timer, it's always a bit of a guess how firm they'll be. Maybe their eggs are exactly the same size. We get ours from a local farm and there is more variability. And don't forget that side of camembert or Brie on some of the toast. It's the perfect complement to the eggs.

Mmmm, Nancye, Brie sounds like a great addition. I'm wondering whether QP has figured out some way to keep them slightly warm so they don't crack in the water, but not warm enough so that they cook. There must be an optimal temperature there.

Hey! I love the new kitchen - it looks perfect!

My mom me you can always have a perfect soft boiled egg by dropping the eggs into a pot of cold tap water, no lid. Set burner on high for ten minutes. After ten minutes take egg of stove and run under cool water until you can handle the shell. Viola - perfect soft boiled eggs, every time. I've noticed gas runs a little hotter than typical electric stoves, I'll take eggs off about 30 seconds sooner.

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