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March 13, 2012


Happy birthdays to two fun and fantastic children!! We are glad to be the sidecar over here.

YOu brought tears to my eyes Margy!...They do grow so fast!...But what a wonderful blessing it is to have them in our lifes...
I hope to still be around and enjoy the fruit of yours and my sons journey with what this beautiful children will become, you are fantastic parents!

Well, now you've made me cry. My first born turns 10 next week and I've been noticing the same things. No more pitter-patter of little feet. No more "mommy can fix everything". But I think they still need us for. Few more years. Happy birthday to the kiddos and happy birthing day to you.

holy smokes...there go the waterworks...

Wow! Wow! Wow!
Perhaps they will come back -- not to "home," but to the neighborhood -- and you'll have the blessing of seeing them often!

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