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February 03, 2012


Apple pie is for baseball! That's why it's the Fall Classic. (I'm a die hard football fan, but I don't know what the dessert should be. I'm bringing leftover margarita cupcakes.)

Hmm, apple pie looks good to me, although I'm making your chocolate shortcake with blood orange sauce (Trader Joes had blood oranges this week and I love that dessert) Not very super-bowl-y but who cares! I also love the superbowl for the together time, the commericals, and catching up on my knitting. Oh, and I think we'll be making some of those pretzels too (but we make them every couple of weeks in the winter, so that's nothing new!) Enjoy!

I thought of that baseball-and-apple-pie thing, but apple pie just goes with anything. Maybe something chocolate-y instead? Nancye has a good idea. Margarita cupcakes certainly go with the chili and salsa theme.

OK, I will admit I am thinking of doing my grocery shopping during the superbowl. It is a perfect time to shop and without the Skins playing, I don't much care about the game - although I do like the commercials. Have fun!

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