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January 17, 2012


This looks just fabulous! I LOVE home-made tomato soup. Try adding stilton sometime. There was a restaurant in the covered market in Oxford with terrific soups, one of which was tomato and stilton soup. So, I can't take credit, but can vouch for the combination.

Congratulations on inching closer to having your kitchen back in working order. What range did you get? It looks impressive!

Stilton sounds like an excellent topping. We will definitely try that. The stove is made by La Canche, a French company.

Margy, what is the baking soda for?

Duncan, it neutralizes the tomato so that the milk doesn't curdle.

Mmmmhhh! Yummy, tomato is the best. :D

This soup is going on our short list. I love a great, warming soup in the winter.

Oh, I am coveting your stove. I know that it is a supposed sin to covet, but then I guess I am a sinner, because I want that stove!!

Well, we coveted it too, so I'm right there with you. Even worse, actually, because we gave in to temptation.

I was so excited about this soup that I went out and bought an immersion blender today just to make it the right way. I was not disappointed. Delicious! Thanks Margy.

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