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September 21, 2011


Oh Margy, I wish that my feelings of love for you and for all that you are, could give you some comfort. It is sad to see the one's we love leave this world, they will always remain in our hearts and mind f o r e v e r.
I love that you chose her hand written recipe,in this cyber world we live in, seeing the curves and movements of her hand, adds warmth to the heart.
Much love to you, sweet Margy..

My dearly beloved dad also died last fall and although we bravely carried on, there's an incredible heaviness as the anniversary approaches. So glad to stumble across your post and share the burden with you and yours, if only thru cyberspace. Will make a batch of herb dip later today and feel connected to the great universal cycles. Take good care.

I plan to try this... Could have used it this past Sunday... and when my brother was in town for the Miami-MD game! Yum. Margy, your beautiful post reminds me of the memorial service for my childhood best friend's mom in the late 1990's. She had served countless bowls of her pasta fagioli to all of her friends and family. At my bridal shower in 1988, she had gathered all the ingredients and lovingly wrote down the recipe on a card to accompany them, and presented it as a gift. At her memorial, I left copies of that recipe by the guest book, and people were delighted to discover it, written in her hand, with loving voice instructing me how to make it.

Hi Margy,

More tears but in a good way, I started to read it and then when I realized it was her recipe I was so touched. She would have loved it! I am here with Linda and we miss and love you.


You captured what Midge had because you have it too -- in spades. Thank you so much, dear Margy.

You captured what Midge had because you have it too -- in spades. Thank you so much, dear Margy.

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