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June 20, 2011


I love that story.
It really reminded me of the time Oscar was in my class. He wanted to do what he wanted to do. No more no less.
That's what I call SPIRIT.

What a great story especially the part about wanting a pie, not a tart! I love that you're doing experimental cooking in your kitchen. Just this weekend we were in the garden talking about having to try new things to figure out what works best! Keep at it! While it may not be perfect, it certainly sounds absolutely delicious! Hooray for strawberry pie! :)

We also have had requests for a strawberry pie...with similar delicious but kind of soupy results! We'll have to try this version.

I'm curious about the pie/tart dilemma. I am huge pie fan. Give me pie over almost any dessert (although I love a good creme brulee) To me, it's always been the crust and the pan. I googled and came up with this consensus- a pie crust is meant to be crisp and flaky, a tart crust is meant to be firm and crumbly. The contents don't matter- it's the crust. Sounds to me like you've been making lots of pies. (yum, I'm coming over!) I made a strawberry pie this spring which was delicious (new recipe) I'll try to find it and get the recipe to you so you can compare to what you have already done, although I think the real secret is really fresh, ripe berries.

Tried this tonight and everyone said it was very good:) It was funny because I was asking Peter, my son what he would prefer for tonight and he kept saying pie not a tart.

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