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April 04, 2011


Hey...congratulations, it sounds great!!! You must be looking forward to your new kitchen...Good Luck!!! If I could suggest one thing is that you get 'double wall ovens'. They're usually electric but it's practical to have 'two' ovens. You guys already use gas stoves, instead of the electric ones, like most of us here in Miami, so you'll be able to replace the one you have now for a 'professional' one, like the one you show. Cabinets all the way to the ceiling is a good idea also and I, personally, prefer huge 'drawers' under the counter, instead of the traditional cabinets. It's much easier to get the pots and whatever you keep in them out...!!! Have Fun...remodeling is a lot of work but it keeps you dreaming!!!

I agree - generous and adjustable light. undercabinet is great - also, above task areas (I have everything on dimmers so I can adjust to the mood or time of day.

My big love (surprise) - pull out large double bin trash cans. One for regular garbage, and one for recycling.

And try Overstock.com for sinks, etc (you will pay a fraction of what they want to charge you in the kitchen stores and get great quality)! I ordered and received an oversized, deep sink and faucet and LOVE THEM - great quality, plus they have racks at the bottom of the sink to 1) keep things off the bottom, but also 2) allow you to air dry in one area - and keep dishes off the counter:


good luck.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to post all of these ideas. There are so many terrific suggestions! I'm making a list now -- two lists actually, one of things to do and one of pitfalls to avoid. Thank you!

Just redid our kitchen and the absolute best thing I did in prep was to cook for an entire weekend and freeze tons of food in containers (lasagna, ziti, meatballs, marinated chicken breasts, taco meat, cookies, pies, etc.) to thaw and heat them in the microwave. (Luckily we have a spare freezer in the garage.) Remodeling ALWAYS takes twice as long as they tell you it will (ours was 2 months) and restaurant food gets old fast. Plus you don't want your friends to get tired of you. So while doing dishes in the bathtub isn't easy on your back, although maybe your kids will enjoy it, eating at home is still an easy option.

Due to lack of space I had to skip on a mixer lift built in to a cabinet, but I'm pretty sure I'll want it in my next house. Bookshelves on the end of cabinets are great for storing cookbooks. A chalk board section of wall is fantastic.

We put in glass doors only in areas where we knew we wouldn't be messy but still use the items(ie. showcasing our pottery/large serving bowls and mugs). Use glass doors strategically to showcase and make it look more open, but not in areas you know you'll be messy like everyday dishes or god forbid the leftover storage containers! Have fun and good luck!

If you haven't taken Leticia up on her offer, you should go see her kitchen - it is fabulous! My recommendation is light! When we redid our kitchen, the contractor and my husband had to work hard to convince me to put in under cabinet lights. They were so right. Also, I had them add another ceiling light to the ones they already planned, and I was so right! So - you can never have enough ilght.

You are welcome to come see our new(ish) kitchen too.

Good luck,


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