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April 04, 2011


Cork flooring-- great for the feet and knees.

Self-closing cabinet doors and drawers that don't slam shut. These are such a dream!

I would change many things in my kitchen but my three first changes would be: More counter space, more view on the outside and a counter instead of a wall between the dining room and the kitchen so whomever is in the kitchen can still participate with and see people in the dining room.

Our cabinets have movable shelving--with those shelf support pegs. I HATE THEM. We're always losing a peg, and the shelves inevitably come crashing down. Someday we'll fix that. Also, we have a slate backsplash which is gorgeous but requires perhaps too much maintenance to be behind the stove.

You are invited over to see our kitchen at any time! We did a huge addition 4 years ago that included the kitchen of my dreams- large stove with double ovens, island with bookshelves at both ends, pantry space, and lots of counter space. The barstools at the island are the perfect place for the kids to help with cooking projects or watch from afar. It's very open and light thanks to the huge windows. Big drawers for storage are also great! Come on over! Happy to talk to you about kitchens anytime!

My suggestion would be to invite yourself over to Michele Stone's house for coffee! They incorporated some intelligent things in their kitchen redo like microwave in the lower cabinets. Good luck!

My favorite thing about my new kitchen is the lighting. Between recessed lights, undercounter lights that also dim, and a pendant lamp over the sink, we have generous light that is adjustable and looks appealing.

First of all- good luck. I've lived through it in our Capitol Hill house and it is a huge undertaking, but worth it. A great time to invite yourself over to eat with friends. Hire a designer- we used Mary Kurtz in DC and she came up with ideas that I wouldn't have ever considered that made huge difference (like moving a door.) Big second on excellent lighting, including under cabinet lighting. I know people like open kitchen-dining rooms, but I personally prefer them to be able to be closed off. I love to be able to close the door to the kitchen and enjoy my dinner without the dirty dishes taunting me-maybe it if I were a neater cook....? Plus I think it's just sort of weird in an old house (but that's me!) Maybe pocket doors?? Definitely avoid tile floors- they are cold and god forbid you drop anything- it shatters immediately. Get the best oven/stove you can afford- You probably won't replace it and you use it alot. Oh, and keep good notes- our cabinets don't look much better than yours- we will be re-doing our ktichen someday. Can't wait to see it!!!

Been there done that! Home Depot has great pho tiles that are soft encase you break something, and much easier to clean than real tiles. Phew!

We have self closing draws and cabinets, but I wouldn't do cabinets again. However, the self closing drawers- nice!

Full granite counter tops are great, and there's a wholesaler in Brookland- I could find the name and number if you want- we got a great price on full pieces- they were fast and easy to work with.

We took out a wall to open up the kitchen space. I'm still glad we did it.

We also had cabinets made that went all the way to the ceiling for more room. We added a number of outlets, which is so convenient. I love out new fridge with a pull out freezer and we added a large cabinet above the fridge. Great for storage! Don't skimp on a stove- and if possible get a second stove - so great for baking lots of things at the same time. I wouldn't do glass cabinet doors- They're not pretty wiht clutter, but useful when you're looking for something.

Good luck and post pictures with progress!

I'm pretty happy with our kitchen. Sometimes I feel like I'd like more space, but it is certainly enough. When we were doing (re-doing?) our kitchen, I pushed really hard to make every tiny bit of space useful.

So our cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling. I've got a 4" slot to the right of the oven for cookie sheets (and in the little shelf above, hot mitts), a 6" cabinet for cooling racks and sheet pans (with a parchment paper/rolling pin shelf above), a little 2' space between the counter and the frige for my pizza board and cake boards, and, well, you get the idea.

We do have some glass cabinet doors. We decided to make them out of textured glass so that there is an open feeling, but the (messy) contents of the shelves are a little hidden.

My perhaps absolute favorite feature of my kitchen is my egg groove in the baking counter. I love it!

I also love my double sink--we looked long and hard to find the smallest two basin sink, and we are very happy with it. Most are bigger, but I did manage to find this one which is about 6 inches narrower in total than the typical sink size. I've never had a problem with anything not fitting.

What fun!

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