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March 24, 2011


We do Sunday dinner every week rotating whose turn it is. (My sister and cousin both live 40 minutes away--in opposite directions.) There really is a wonderful connection that you make over dinner. I just wish my future brother-in-law weren't so picky!

Another idea (borrowed from another friend) that keep trying to do is to use the heirloom dishes on Sundays. I have a fun "fall" colored set that I can remember eating off of at my grandmother's. Last summer we cleaned out my mother-in-law's mother's/grandmother's house and now I have a nice summery set that came from that side.

Anita lived her life loving family, friends, and, of course, good food. I can think of no lovelier tribute than this, Margy. Sunday dinner is a perfect way to honor her spirit and keep her close.

Thanks for this memory of Midge

Oh you ARE soooooo soooo lucky!! It would be my dream to have my sister and friend live blocks away and my parents within a few miles. Sunday suppers with the whole family is a fabulous idea!!

What a great idea. Not much can beat Sunday dinner with family. Everyone looks great.

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