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February 11, 2011


Adorable. Makes me long for our Lab, we've been without him since July and the home's just not the same without him ...

How sweet!

That's such a sweet moment!

Don't children look angelic when they are sleeping. All arguments are forgotten, and you realise how privileged you are to be their parentx Beautiful moment.

The definition of love. Wonderful : )

i also took a sleeping photo of my youngest just now : ) maybe i'll put it up next friday! i love your picture. children and their four legged sibliings have a special bond at this age. don't you think? my youngest has loved cuddling with our bulldog over the years.

have a wonderful valentine's weekend!

I love sleeping babes, great photo!

Your child will always cherish their pet and this beautiful photo, I'm sure! Cozy moments are where it's at!

Have a great weekend!

Our moment: http://vimandvigor.typepad.com/vim-and-vigor/2011/02/thismoment.html

Joy @ Vim and Vigor

We are all pack animals!

So sweet! For our kids, snuggling up with our Lab is one of the best things about being a pet owner! Have a great weekend!

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