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February 24, 2011


Thank you!
I've been looking for a non-additive dip.

This sounds delicious. Will have to give it a try. Also looked at the recipe for the Radish Tartines. My mother always had a huge garden and while at that time radishes weren't my personal favorite we did have Radish "Tartines" in the spring. I still like them especially with copious amounts of butter and with sea salt. Wish I had some radishes now.

Beth, excellent! I hope you like it.
Jo, yes, definitely copious amounts of butter and a good dash of sea salt. So simple but so delicious!

I made this dip and it was delicious. I did add a bit of garlic (powder) and a splash of worchestire sauce as it was a little sweet at first for me. (and isn't everything a little better with garlic!) Definitely something I will make again and again.

I keep making this dip- it's so good. One day I was carmelizing a huge batch of onions for French Onion Soup (a winter favorite in our house) and it occured to me, why don't I save some of these onions for a dip. My onions had a bit of thyme and sherry (instead of vinegar) but it worked really well. Thanks so much for this recipe. It's so much better than the powdered stuff!

So glad you liked it and that you made it your own, Nancye!

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