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September 24, 2010


Making my own macarons seems unbelievably intimidating, although I'm going to try it because they cost a fortune at the bakery. I have 2 questions: (1) I've always called them French macaroons. Do you pronounce "macaron" differently? You know how the French hate you when you mispronounce things. (2) Do you remove the skins from the hazelnuts and almonds?

Anita, in English I pronounce them the same as macaroon, but in French, they pronounce them differently, the o is shorter like macar-on, but with the nasal "n" rather than our English one. I left the skins on the almonds and hazelnuts. I think they add more flavor that way. You can definitely make these!

For me, macarons and sushi are both in the category of things you've just got to make at home so you can eat as much as you could possibly want! These were so good. I've got egg whites from Tobias's birthday cake in the frige, so I'm thinking it's time to try another batch of something.

I'm looking for a recipe for a cookie exchange. I need to make at least 3 dozen. I was thinking of doing this for the obvious reasons: 1- looks adorable 2- it's chocolate 3- my kids can help!
Am wondering though how well this will keep? Does it freeze well? (We are doing the exchange on the 9th and will not be serving these till christmas.)

Hi, Golden Girl, I think it would be tricky to make these for a cookie exchange, unless they will be eaten with a day or two. The cookie will lose its crispness if stored for a while with the filling. I have not tried freezing the cookies and filling, but I think it would work to freeze them separately. Then let them come to room temperature to assemble them. If it works, let us know!

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