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June 03, 2010


Awesome! Sam has been picking them on our street and just eating them. Now we have something else to try!

Last weekend we picked strawberries that ended in strawberry sorbet! Yum. I don't think I've ever tasted a mulberry--I guess I live too far north?

I love this! We too just found some wonderful mulberry tree's around our neighborhood and I have started experimenting with recipes using them. So far we have made Mullberries and cream Popsicle (with this really cool Quick Pop Maker by Zoku) and Mulberry muffins. We just went out this morning and collected more Mulberries and we are getting ready to make pancakes with them. Here are my posts about Mulberries. http://naturallymom.blogspot.com/2010/06/mulberry-muffins-and-more_1751.html
I am very into organic, local and traditional foods too and I love to cook with my children who are 3 and 5.
Thanks for your great recipe!

Carey, Sam is such a budding chef. I can't wait to make some of his recipes.

Nikki, I'm not sure how far north the mulberry tree grows, but surely with global warming it will soon be coming to your neighborhood. If not, look for them when you're down this way.

Priscilla, so glad you found my blog, and me yours!

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