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May 05, 2010


At least once a year I make myself cook only with what is in the pantry/freezer. Lots of what is in there is stuff like random veggie parts I can use in soup or frozen containers of tomato juice (drained off of the chopped toms I use for other things) or small amounts of rice or beans -- all stuck in the freezer so as not to waste them.

I also have a lot of badly identified herbs that were bought fresh and stuck in there before they went bad. I might do a "random" pesto.

Hi, Maggy -- Composting is a great way to return food scraps to the earth. (Of course, this doesn't deal with all of the processed food that is not appropriate for compost.) But our trash has greatly reduced since we have gotten composting worms and have also made an African "kitchen garden" that takes all the compost that the worms won't eat.

It's too complicated sometimes. The 2-year old might eat as much as I do for dinner, or she might eat nothing. If I eat what she doesn't eat, and I always want to, I will get as big as a house. But I hate throwing it out, composting it, whatever.

Obviously I need a large dog.

But yeah, "anonymous vegetable soup" can cover a lot of farmers' market sins. :)

Carey, that's an excellent plan. I have some things at the bottom of the freezer that we need to use. And it's a great idea to freeze those herbs before they become useless.

Hetty, I do compost yard waste but have been nervous about using food scraps because we already have rodent issues. I would like to figure out a good option, though.

Craig, we end up cleaning up our kids plates, too! And I am amazed at how much their appetites vary from day to day.

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