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May 18, 2010


I am the same way about Tony's (http://www.tonychachere.com/)

OMG!! You make me laugh so hard. Crack Cocaine??? Ok where can I buy this stuff. lol lol lol Anything mixed with vinegar, salt, sugar, and garlic is bound to be good.

My standby obsession is cheese toast. My mom would make this for me when we would over sleep and was short on time for making a full breakfast or a tie over snack before dinner. It's super easy, quick and very filling. Take one slice of bread, add slices some cheedar cheese on it and put it in the broiler. The edge get really cruchy and the cheese melts very nicely. My family loves it! Yum!

My obsession of late is Kombucha- not really a food, but a beverage. Fermented tea of sorts. Bubbly and tangy, with a sort of sweet-tart thing going. It's supposed to be really great for you- some folks swear it cures everything from GI troubles to cancer. Who can argue with drink this stuff.

Matouk Trinidadian hot sauce. Tropical fruit, pickled Scotch Bonnet peppers, and carrots. I think. Goes on just about everything, and comes in great handy when cooking bland fare for the kids... basically the Caribbean version of Sriracha, now that I think about it. :)

Mmmm, I can see I have some new things to try. Thanks for the tips. And, Sharon, I'm a cheese toast lover, too. We usually have it with soup to make a meal feel more substantial, but breakfast is a great idea.

when chloe was over the other night, i busted out our household bottle and she promptly told me, "my mom loves that sauce. she puts it on everything."

How do you know they haven't classified crack as a preservative? Hmmmmm?

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