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May 11, 2010


Amazing! What a lovely trip for all of you. And that lemon meringue pie...wow!

Wonderful photos. I (of course) went to Paris without a camera (!) and seeing your shots taken just a week after my trip is like a boon of having had my memories preserved by another. Thank you for sharing! I am once again struck by the idea that we really should get our families together for a game night and shared meal (en francais, bien sur) soon.

Wow, what great photos. I'm imagining my family in Paris in a year or two, little Nicholas being our translator. Of course, we would substitute Berlin for Rome as Phil's brother is there (or we could do all three- Paris, Berlin, and Rome- why not have quad-lingual kids!!)

What wonderful photos and a spectacular trip! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your travels!

Thanks, everyone, it was indeed a great trip.

Leah, I'd love to get together and try to speak French but you'll have to be patient! It's so much easier to mangle verb tenses to strangers.

Nancye, I hope Nicholas leads you into a delightful new world.

Fantastique!!! Now I am really dying to get back over there!!!

Yes, Sarah, do it!

I just looked at these pictures again and I liked them! Macarons! It makes me want to go back there.
- Chloe

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