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March 12, 2010


Happy birthday, Oscar! (Lots of our favorite people are named Oscar). Eight is Great.

Felicitations, Oscar!
HUIT ANS DEJA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Oscar! You're very blessed to have such a loving mom and dad. --All the best, Mrs. Hammond (Leah and Maya's mom)

Oooohhh!....How very sweet!...He looks so much like his daddy on that first photo!...What a wonderful gift he has been!....and momi and dadi are D BEST!

Happy birthday to Oscar! Enjoy your day of celebrations!

oh my goodness....got me choked up. i remember moving in next door and meeting oscar for the first time. can't believe he was only four?!? it does go by too fast and although as a mother, i revel in seeing them grow and become their own people with their own ideas, it does make me sad to know that all of it is going by so fast. happy birthday oscar!!

Happy Birthday Oscar - and yes, much as my sister notes above, many of our very favorite people in the world are named Oscar...! It does seem like yesterday when he arrived....
Sam loved being eight. He still says it was his favorite year...and he can - still - tell you why, to this day, almost twenty years later...!
Love, Patti

He's officially 8 now! And I get to be comment #8. I am honored, and even more honored to be auntie to such a fun little monkey. Happy Birthday, and Happy 8, Oscar!!

Joyeux anniversaire! Bon Appetit!

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