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February 06, 2010


Hey, we made snow scream also. My mom is staying with us during the storm and she used her childhood recipe. We didn't have toppings but my mom started with a bowl of snow, added vanilla flavoring, sugar and milk. It was really good and then Leah add some dutch cocoa. OMG! It was almost like a sorbet. It was delicious.

i like it:] it is gooooooooooooooooood. (posted by Oscar)

We like ours made with sugar, milk, and vanilla, then topped with chocolate sauce.

So, what's a little bacteria- and who's to say it's harmful bacteria. I've going to believe that it's like yogurt- the good stuff. I've eaten tons of snow (as a kid), as have my kids, to no ill effects.

Snow ball comes with different flavour looks delicious.

What a fun, fun idea!

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