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February 05, 2010


Congratulations on joining Buddy's family! :) I've never known life without a dog ... world's best companion. A dog will teach your children so much. Can't wait to meet him.

Loving this post. And how great that you guys took Buddy in to your lives and home. That first photo is just beautiful. The cake looks amazing. I'm drooling.

Have you considered making Buddy's food, too? Not being sarcastic -- many health benefits to a raw food/homemade diet for cats and dogs. All our creatures have been on it forever; two of our cats are 13 but are totally healthy and energetic as kittens. Let me know if you want recipes or more info. Big smooch to Buddy!

Such a pretty dog! You are going to have to get him a raincoat and boots for your rainy family walks... He's going to love your weather inhibitions.
Our family dinner update is good. We donated our dining room furniture to A Wider Circle and changed to a round table and upholstered chairs. We are happier and healthier and around the table more cheerfully.
I really enjoy your slice of life narratives...and picked up a bar of Toblerone waiting in the considerable line at Trader Joes. Plan to make the mousse for my Valentine. Keep up the good work!

Thanks, all. We are continuing to adjust to Buddy and him to us. We have taken him on many snowy walks, and his favorite thing to do is roll around in the snow and burrow his nose into it. A raincoat may be a good idea. Stephanie, if you have recipes I'd be very interested to see what they are.

such a cute dog!!! i can vouch for how well behaved dog he is, and beautiful of course. glad he and all of you are all enjoying the snow.

I love the pictures of Buddy! I can't wait to meet him in person - he looks like a bundle of love.

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