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January 20, 2010


Yum! The woman I lived with in Spain made something similar-- she called it "Cuban eggs".

I don't know that I would ever actually prepare this recipe, but it was a great pleasure to read. And when I read the last line, about Gabe's grandfather, I remembered how my grandfather always drank tea with a sugar cube in his mouth. One of the many joys of your blog is the way if brings memories back from my childhood (and Sam's..).
I enjoy everything about Hide the cheese, but most of all, I like the way it keeps me connected to you and your family.
Love, Patti

Thank you Margy for honoring my mom's memory with her harina con huevos fritos which is now part of your family and will be remember always by Olivia, Oscar and Chloe.
That dish is a very simple "campesinos" (peasant) food which I love and don't get to eat very often.
My mom loved your legs, because she liked woman "con las piernas hermosas" which actually does not mean heavy or fat legs, in the Cuban culture, legs that have meat in them are cherish more than the skinny ones, also a nice behind!what can I say!...8-)I feel the same as my mom!

Mmm...I love eggs and this sounds great. I love the story too!

Thanks, everyone. Eva, I agree with you and your mother about the legs! Really, what choice do I have?! So many dishes have stories to tell, don't they? It's what I love aobut cooking at home.

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