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January 06, 2010


You forgot one step: Save the seeds for the birds. Just cast them out on the snow (far from your doorways). The big birds and the squirrels like them. No need to clean off the orange strings. Who knows? You may find some volunteer butternut vines next summer.

love butternut squash soup and am intrigued by the coconut milk, which i use a ton in my thai curries!! def going to try this out...brrrr...

Love that idea, Susan! Especially since I have been a bit delinquent in filling up those bird feeders.

Do you get a coating on your hands after peeling and cutting butternut? It feels really icky to me. Doesn't bother Kevin, happily, so I have a standing squash peeling offer.

Hmmm, Andrea, I have noticed that the squash is kind of slimy, but I haven't really noticed it on my hands. Something tells me that I will now, though.

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