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December 08, 2009


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading this blog. It cheers me up each week!

You just made my day. Thanks, Anita.

Thanks so much for this. I was just wondering what we were going to make for Christas dinner! I loved the Thanksgiving casserole. The sauce was fabulous. I'd like to try it with Quorn instead of the beans, which I think would be a nice texture. If you don't know Quorn, it is a mycoprotein - very high in protein and s an easy substitute for chicken. It acts in the same way - doesn't have much flavor of its own but is quite satisfying, and of course, there is that protein!

I LOVE your blog. Thanks so much for sharing he wonderful recipes.


Thanks, Christina. I am familiar with Quorn, but have mostly had it on its own, not baked into another recipe or stew. I'd love to hear how it turns out.

Made this for the extended family over the weekend. Everyone loved it, even though there was much spousal scoffing about rice (I used brown, which worked nicely) instead of small pasta bits in the soup. The recipe made a generous quantity, which is handy on those days I'm working from home. And I find soup usually improves with age.

Thanks so much for your blog. I just learned about it over the holidays thanks to Mimi, a friend and neighbor, who told several of us about it at a friend's potluck.

Now onto the pear-almond cake. My 9-year-old is all set to make it this week...the ingredients began lining up under her direction this weekend. ;-)


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