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November 13, 2009


Gorgeous 3-in-1 photo!!! How did you do that???

i know. i am soooo sad about gourmet. such a bummer. i haven't even been able to open my last issue yet. maybe i think if i keep postponing it that somehow the next issue will arrive.

Long live Gourmet in our hearts. I am already missing it too but thankfully their recipes live on!

I think your photos will help give solace to those of us missing Gourmet Magazine!! Beautiful. Mary

Tamara: I have a fabulous web designer who set up a template for me. You should check out her site, www.sliceinteractive.com.

Laura & Leticia: It is so sad, isn't it. For some reason, I actually got 2 of them. I assumed they sent all subscribers two because they had too much inventory. So I have one to read and one to save.

Mary: What a nice thing to say!

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