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November 17, 2009


This is great! I have to get that t-shirt! We too are trying to be a no high fructose cornsyrup family. Mary

yum!!! i really want to make this. the thing i always didn't like about pecan pie was the sticky stuff so i'm guessing this will be perfect, maybe even for thanksgiving. l.

This should be right up your alley then, Laura. Let me know how it turns out.

I recognize that shirt because I too admired it at Crafty Bastards last year! Like you, we are very anti-corn syrup. Isn't it frightening how many things sneak it in?

Thanks so much for the recipe! I love pecan pie but haven't made it in ages because of the corn syrup factor!

Leticia, How funny that you saw the shirt too! Once we started looking for corn syrup it was amazing how many things we found it in. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thanks for the recipe. What is the oven temp for the pie? Is it the same as the pie crust?

Thanks again!

Hi, Olivia: Yes, just keep the oven at 375 after baking the crust. I modified the recipe to make that more clear. Does this mean you'll be making this recipe in Rabat? That would be so cool! I've been enjoying your blog.

Yep! We're having a pot-luck Thanksgiving and I've been telling all my expat friends here about your blog and your very yummy recipes. Thanks for writing and sharing your kitchen and garden with us! I'll try and post some pictures of our feast on Friday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Olivia, it sounds like you have a wonderful day planned. I look forward to seeing the pictures. And thanks for telling your friends about HTC. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

I just had to leave a comment as I'm back to print out the recipe! Have a huge bag of pecans and will make this over the holidays for visiting family members who are anti-corn syrup too! Thanks again!

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