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November 10, 2009


Only 30 beets?!! Oh yeah, we've got beet lovers in our house..."You can't have anymore beets until you eat some pasta" was a real dinnertime command once.

I have been dreaming about a beet/roasted zucchini/hazelnut/goat cheese combo that started as an appetizer (as you might recall, in fact), morphed into a salad, and Kevin's suggesting a sandwich now. We just might have to try this instead, plus I think the kids would find these ingredients overall more acceptable....

Andrea: It's so funny we things we find ourselved saying. After watching a much younger Olivia take a bite out of something and move on too many times, I remember telling her, "You have to finish your cookie before you can have an apple." And I do remember that beet dish. I think we had it as a salad. Yum!

Made this tonight, it was outstanding, and we got to have a nice bowl of beet greens besides. Thanks for the recipe! If only I could talk my kids into eating beets as well...

So glad you liked it, Craig. I'll have to take my kids beet picking next year to see if I canhook them back in. In the meantime, more for Gabe and me!

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