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October 20, 2009


I'm such a sucker for cream cheese frosting. These sound so good, I might just have to cook up one of our pie pumpkins before Halloween.

Hi Margy!
How do you cook your pumpkin for this recipe? Do you puree it? We'd love to make these for Halloween this weekend---

Andrea: Do it! They're worth the sacrifice.

Barbara: I just steam the pumpkin and mash it finely with a potato masher. Happy Halloween!

Do you think the cake flour really makes a difference? It's one of those things I always wonder about and usually end up doing, but wouldn't it be easier just to use (a little less?) plain flour without all that preliminary measuring, mixing, and sifting?

Andrea: I do think the cake flour makes a difference. I wanted these to be light so that they would be cakey and not dense like a pumpkin bread. But if you go the plain flour route, let me know how it turns out.

do you have to squeeze the water out of the pumpkin as you would with pumpkin pie?

Devin, Because I steam the pumpkin in large chunks it doesn't absorb much water and I don't squeeze it out. I just remove it from the pot (thereby separating it from the water), scoop it from the shell, and mash it. If you find that at the end of this process it looks watery, then by all means squeeze the water out.

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