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September 14, 2009


Muffalettas are a huge hit at our house, despite the fact that both my children will not touch olives. It is a carnivore option, though you could omit the meat. It consists of capicola & mortadella hams, genoa salami, provolone cheese, and olive tapenade on a good loaf of Italian bread. Because the bread is so thick, this can be made the day or 2 before and it still won't be soggy.

As a kid, I would only eat peanut butter sandwiches. My mother - in an attempt to introduce some variety into my lunches - created different and weird combinations. The ones I recall lovingly, include
**PB and cottage cheese (sounds bad, tasted great - but I will admit that I haven't had it in close to 50 years)

**PB and honey (still a favorite)

**PB and bacon (and yes, everything is better with bacon but this is another sandwich I will surely never consume again)

Some pretty great ideas. Unfortunately, with our big one she is a stickler for the tried and true (and that means the basics) but Simon has already been requesting cream cheese and peanut butter on his bagels. I have not yet tried it (not sure how that would be) but he would probably like some of your other ideas! Very creative.

Hey Margy,

As I said I love your site. My dad loved peanut butter, lettuce and mayo sandwiches. I haven't had one in years but loved them too. Thanks for taking me back - I am going to make one soon and try cucumbers too.

I stink at creative ingredients, so I go for cutting silly shapes into the sandwiches. Many days it is just a wiggly line instead of straight, but if I am feeling creative, I will try to make something recognizable. As my older son has been on a Harry Potter kick, I have tried a broom stick, the sorting hat, or whatever i can dream up. At the end of the day, we have a game to see if he had any idea what I was trying to do!!

Karen: I love the idea of a vegetarian muffaletta. I definitely have to work one up.

Patti: I think Chloe would love the peanut butter and cottage cheese option. Gabe wants to try PB with (veggie) bacon.

Laura: Isn't it great when they come up with their own creative taste combos? Go, Simon!

Alicia: I can't believe your dad loved the PB-mayo combo, too! I had never met anyone who had tried this, let alone liked it!

Sarah: What a great idea. I have done cookie cutters, but never free form carving.

Thanks to you all for sharing your ideas and sandwiches! I love hearing from you. I also thought of another of my favorites: avocado and tomato.

Now I'm thinking of instituting an occasional "wacky sandwich day" for the kids' lunches to get them to explore new combinations.


not that wacky, but cream cheese and tomato. maybe even a little salt and pepper sprinkled on top. YUM!

Chronicles -- a delicious idea for those last-of-summer tomatoes.

Hey Margy...

Genoa salami and a sweet(er) cole slaw.

People think it's goofy, but it's great. And best with a good Genoa and cheap slaw.

-- Rob

PS - Trying the Trinidadian chick pea recipe tonight with a Malaysian Curry that I have. I'll report back.

Rob -- I love the idea of slaw on a sandwich. I'll have to think about how to adapt that one. I love the idea of a Malaysian-Trinidadian dinner!

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