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September 10, 2009


That's good to know a decent way of thawing out pesto. Kevin always likes to put it in a saucepan, but that doesn't work. I mean, it really doesn't work.

God, your basil is gorgeous. I didn't plant any this year due to travel but even last year when I did plant some many of my leaves were riddled with holes.

My 8-year-old loves pesto so we always have a stash. I, too, have always read that you're not supposed to freeze it with the cheese, just as you say, but I have to admit that I always do anyway and it tastes just great!


Even with the holes, I'm sure the basil is delcious, and mashed into pesto, they'll never know! I think my challenge with freezing it with cheese has been in the defrosting. With my hot water bath, it tends to get lumpy. But if I have time to let it defrost more slowly, I agree that the cheese would freeze well.

Margy, can you please consider hosting a Mother & Daughter cooking class on a Saturday. I'd be willing to pay.

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