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September 21, 2009


Or, go the Italian route and substitute green peas!

I can never make enough sushi rice for my kids. They gobble it like crazy: rice with nori, rice without nori, nori without rice...And I finally found a way of cooking the rice perfectly each time.

i love those bento boxes. they are so cute though i cannot imagine spending so much time on them. those rice balls of yours look perfect!

Carey -- excellent idea, maybe with arborio and some parmesan.

Andrea -- do tell, what is your cooking technique?

Laura -- I love the bentos, too. I wish someone would make them for my lunch.

Margy--you inspired me and we had sushi salad for dinner last night. 1 1/2 cups of rice (which is really not enough, especially if you want leftovers). Rinse it, soak 30 minutes. Drain, add 1 3/4 cups water, boil 2 minutes, let stand, covered, for 10 mintues...(then add the vinegar, if you wish). It really is perfect every time.

those rice balls look yum...and pretty. m loves sushi so think i'm going to give this a whirl this week!!

Andrea, I'm definitely going to try your technique. Thanks for sharing it.

We love to make our own sushi and I've finally gotten fairly good at it- meaning not overwhelming the sheet of nori with too much rice and or filling! I love the idea of rice balls though when I don't have time to make rolls. I think the kids would just love little bits of veggies hiding in the middle.

Also, we went to Roy's in Hawaii and they served rice balls rolled in bits of seaweed and sesame seeds to accompany the main dishes. It was simple but elegant. My kids really like the Furikake on their rice that we get from Asian markets so that might be a nice addition too.

Thanks for all the great lunch ideas and I don't think you are inadequate at all for not going the bento box route with bunny rice balls! :)

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