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May 07, 2009


this is right up our alley...i do a pasta with garlic,lemon and cheese. i top it with arugula...so yum! going to give this one a whirl this week. can i find the pea shoots at whole foods?

I'll have to try it with arugula. I have not seen pea shoots at whole foods, but I haven't looked very hard because we usually get them at the farmer's market. if you don't find them, let me know and we can pick some up for you when we go to the farmer's market on sunday. this is a full service blog!

I made this over the weekend and loved it! Fresh pea shoots from the farmers market are my new favorite! I left them in a bowl on the counter and Samantha and I snacked on them for a few days until they were gone. Thanks for the inspiration!

for anyone else that stumbles upon this recipe, i did try it w/ the arugula and it was delicious. i couldn't find pea shoots so i sprinkled the pasta with some actual peas and topped with arugula. the lemon-y flavor of the pasta was a great combo with the sweetness of the peas and bite of the arugula. yum!

Tamara, I'm so glad that you and Samantha liked the pea shoots. How sweet!

Rosana, The arugula-pea combination sounds great. I'll definitely give it a try. Thanks for sharing your variation.

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