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April 20, 2009


I want some, too...I just looked at the website, and it seems they are already out of the Black Calypso. I guess you really did beat the rush.

That's too bad! I don't know if they've sold out of other varieties, but tehre are lots of other interesting types. If you try something else, let us know how you like them.

I got some black calypso beans from Rancho Gordo in May 2009. I don't usually use sage in my cooking but tried your recipe, very good. Thanks! Have been getting beans from Steve Sando for 4+ years. RG beans clearly superior to other sources. NY Times article well deserved, just hope it doesn't mean a continuous scarce supply!

Hi, Peter,

I'm gald you enjoyed the recipe. I was on the RG website recently and they still seemed to have a great selection, although I think I'd better not get too attached to any one variety. I just posted a recipe for a salad with RG Moro beans, if you have those in your cupboard.

Hi, thanks for posting this. I know its been awhile, and I read it when you first posted it. And now, now... I have the bean bug. I've ordered some and plan to order the gift basket for family members for Christmas. I found your blog from MOTH... do you know what that is? I hope so.

I wanted to order some beans so we could try the difference and grow some in our new home in Rabat. Back in the states we were vegetarians, and I used a number of your recipes when we hit a dinner slump. Here, it is much, much harder to keep to just vegetables, and last night I put my foot down and requested more beans. My husband was leery, since I did buy a number of US shipped beans that are obviously old and not marked. Just some generic white and black beans. However, this morning he says to me, 'I think you're right, we should buy some heirloom beans, they are interesting.'. Now we have a large shipment coming. I'm so excited. Thank you again for posting about beans, please if possible post more bean recipes. We're going to need them!

I've just finished making a pot of these and they are fantastic. In fact, they may replace black-eyed peas as my go-to bean recipe (hope none of my neighbors are reading this...black-eyed peas are sacred in the Deep South). The simplicity of this recipe concerned me, but I shouldn't have worried. What a treat. Thank you, thank you. Now all I have to do is whip up a pan of cornbread to go with them. Thanks again.

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